Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors

Lawton R. Burns, PhD, MBA
Health Economics and Supply Chain Advisor

CAVA Health Economics and Supply Chain Advisor Lawton Robert Burns, Ph.D., MBA, is the Chair of the Health Care Management Department, the James Joo-Jin Kim Professor, a Professor of Health Care Management, and a Professor of Management in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also Director of the Wharton Center for Health Management & Economics. Dr. Burns specializes in healthcare strategy, strategic change, strategic implementation, organization and management, managed care, and integrated delivery networks. He is a past member of the Grant Review Study Section for the Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, and a past board member of the Health Services Section of the Institute of Medicine. He is also a Life Fellow of Clare Hall at the University of Cambridge. Dr. Burns has analyzed physician-organization integration over the past twenty-five years. In recognition of this research, Dr. Burns was named the Edwin L. Crosby Memorial Fellow by the Hospital Research and Educational Trust in 1992. He has also spent the last 13 years studying the healthcare supply chain.

Kevin D. Frick, PhD
Econometrics, Statistics, Predictive Modeling, and Health Economics Advisor

Dr. Frick is one of CAVA’s senior advisors, working with the firm since January 2011. He is Vice Dean and Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School; and Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, Health Services Research and Development Center. A consultant to the healthcare industry and government, Dr. Frick has more than 170 peer review publications, and works as an educator, researcher, and reviewer with a specialization in econometrics, statistics, health economics, and predictive modeling.

William H. Greene, PhD
Econometrics and Model Design Advisor

William H. Greene is a professor in the department of economics at New York University Stern School of Business, and has served as an econometrics advisor to CAVA since January 2010. Currently, Professor Greene teaches courses in econometrics and understanding firms and markets. He has been with NYU Stern for more than 20 years. His primary research areas include econometrics and applied microeconomics, productivity, and production economics. He has published numerous articles in publications including American Economic Review, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Economic Education, Economics Letters, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Review of Economics and Statistics and Journal of Political Economy. Recent consultancies include the World Health Organization, Ortho Biotech, National Economic Research Associates, American Express and the United States Postal Service. He has also held a professorial position at Cornell University and served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford, University of Sydney, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Umea, Sweden. He is the author of Econometric Analysis, the leading graduate level text in this field in the US.

Rob Handfield, PhD
Change Management and Supply Chain Advisor

Dr. Handfield is North Carolina State University Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at North Carolina State University, and Director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative. An expert in change management, Dr. Handfield has published more than 100 articles in top management journals, and has consulted with over 25 Fortune 500 companies. He is Editor Emeritus for the Journal of Operations Management, and is CAVA’s senior advisor in the field of change management for hospital systems.
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Allan M. Korn, MD, FACP
Senior Medical Director

Before recently joining CAVA as Senior Medical Director, Dr. Korn was Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), a national federation of 39 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies that collectively provide healthcare coverage for more than 102 million Americans. In this capacity, he provided oversight on the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC), an independent, applied health service research organization that uses an evidence-based methodology for the assessment of clinical technologies. TEC is one of 13 evidence-based practice centers selected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). He also represented BCBSA with governmental agencies, regulatory bodies and accrediting entities. Prior to his work at BCBSA, Dr. Korn served as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Dr. Korn received his Medical Degree from Tufts University and completed his internship and internal medicine residency at Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital and at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Korn is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

Mark Roberts, MD, MPP
Senior Predictive Modeling Advisor

Mark S. Roberts, MD, MPP is Professor and Chair of Health Policy and Management, and holds secondary appointments in Medicine, Industrial Engineering and Clinical and Translational Science. A practicing general internist, he has conducted research in decision analysis and the mathematical modeling of disease for over 25 years, and has expertise in cost-effectiveness analysis, mathematical optimization and simulation, and the measurement and inclusion of patient preferences into decision problems. He has used decision analysis to examine clinical, costs, policy and allocation questions in liver transplantation, vaccination strategies, operative interventions, and the use of many medications. His recent research has concentrated in the use of mathematical methods from operations research and management science, including Markov Decision Processes, Discrete Even Simulation and integer programming to problems in health care. Dr. Roberts serves as CAVA’s senior advisor in the area of predictive model design.

York F. Zöllner, PharmD, MSc, PhD
European Health Economics, Market Access, and Reimbursement Advisor

Dr. Zöllner is Professor of Health Economics, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW, Germany); former Director of the Global Health Economics Department at Solvay Pharmaceuticals; and on the editorial board of the Journal of Medical Economics. A specialist in health economics, Dr. Zöllner is CAVA’s senior advisor for European health policy, HTA, pricing, and reimbursement.

IHE The Swedish Institute for Heath Economics (IHE), founded in 1979, is CAVA's international health economics research collaborator. CAVA and IHE work collectively on global health economic / CCE client engagements, leveraging IHE's resources and reputation as a leader in economic research, modeling, HTA assessments, international technology assessment support, consulting, and publications. Led by IHE's CEO Ulf Persson, PhD, Professor in Health Economics at the Institute of Economic Research, School of Economics and Management, Lund University, IHE provides CAVA with powerful access to European and global institutional payers, decision makers, academics, and clinicians.
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