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If You Need to Prove the Value and Cost Effectiveness of Your Firm’s Medical-Surgical Technology or Pharmaceuticals, the CAVAlytics™ Online Modeling Platform Is Your Answer

Proving the value of everything in healthcare today is 100% critical

Knowing which medical-surgical device or pharmaceutical product produces the best clinical outcome for the least overall cost is perhaps the most critical challenge every device or biopharma company faces today. There are few other ways to convince a commercial account to buy what you sell if you cannot rapidly demonstrate the comparative value of your healthcare technology, pharmaceutical, or medical product.

If you have come to the realization that your firm needs a clear, secure, eye-catching, and compelling modeling platform to present your product’s comparative, value-based analytics, you have entered the new world of healthcare commercialization. The online CAVAlytics™ platform by CAVA is the platform your company can rely on for its online value-based modeling needs. Powerful, striking, and easy to use, CAVAlytics™ models can drive your customized, client-centric Budget Impact, Cost-Effectiveness, and Markov Models in a way you have never before imagined.

The sales cycle with commercial hospital accounts is extremely slow and lengthy. The ways a transaction can be derailed are endless. When you have an opportunity to present, your team must make its case immediately, convincingly, and with precision. Whatever modeling you use to present your analytics should also be peer-review validated.

CAVAlytics™ is your single, go-to solution.

Online Cost Effectiveness Platform

CAVA’s online CAVAlytics™ platform can be designed to churn and display any variables your firm is likely to require to a prospective client, from cost of ownership to comparative effectiveness, budget impact, and more. The CAVA model platform is customized for each of our clients’ exacting commercial and market needs to enable a hospital or IDN to make fiscally sound purchasing and clinical usage decisions that leverage the facility’s own real-world or proxy data. CAVA’s online modeling will enable your clients to assess the total comparative, episode-of-care value proposition of your healthcare technology or product to key hospital purchasers, economic buyers, and clinical decision makers.

Since 2009, CAVA has helped our industry clients leverage analytics for their most demanding economic and clinical purchasing, usage, commercialization, and coverage challenges. Contact our team today to schedule a brief 30-minute demonstration video conference to learn more and see for yourself what CAVAlytics™ can do for you.

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  • Secure, Controllable, Advanced Capabilities that are Fully Scalable
Customized online CCE analytics that demonstrate total episode-of-care costs in side-by-side product comparisons using our proprietary, interactive platform.
CE analytics and predictive modeling solutions that allow medical-surgical clients to proactively and transparently demonstrate the comparative value of their technology.
Robotics offers hospitals proprietary, industry-leading predictive analytics to assess the economic, clinical, and operational cost-effectiveness of its da Vinci robotics program.

Select CAVA Clients Include

Sample CAVAlytics™ Platform

Sample Journal Publications:

Health Services Utilization and Cost of Retinitis Pigmentosa
(JPEN) Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
(AHDB) American Health & Drug Benefits
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
(AHDB) Insurance Companies’ Perspectives on the Orphan Drug Pipeline
Cost of ownership assessment for a da Vinci robot based on US real‐world data
Achieving robotic program best practice performance and cost versus laparoscopy

Discover how CAVA’s innovative, hospital-trusted, Online Cost-Effectiveness, Budget Impact, and Markov Modeling, analytics, research and publications can help drive objective demonstration of the value proposition of your medical-surgical device and pharmaceutical and brands to hospital purchasers, clinical decision makers, and payers