CAVA’s cost effectiveness models quantify what the clinical difference in outcomes actually costs among comparative products. According to most hospitals, such clinical and cost data are often entirely unknown. Determining these answers with CAVA analytics is enlightening and dramatic. From there, the deployment of clinical improvement program, with CAVA physicians working with your physicians and mid-levels, produces the implementation of change that can lead to very large shifts in your care delivery, better clinical outcomes, and ROI of 10x or more, in many cases.

Today, as innovative hospitals and integrated delivery networks work to drastically reduce costs and improve outcomes in the Accountable Care Organization / bundled payment era, hospital leadership needs head-to-head, comparative product data specific and associated change management. It is impossible to make optimal purchasing and clinical resource usage changes without superior comparative data and the will to drive change.

Data Analytics and Change Management

CAVAlytics is a powerful online business intelligence platform that can receive data directly from our client’s EMR and cost accounting software, and then perform real-time, head-to-head, total-episode-of care analysis of the targeted devices, medications, or technologies desired. We can look at an individual physician, service line, or hospital, and can compare performance in a head-to-head manner that allows for the most powerful benchmarking.

CAVA analytics are used by our clients in Supply Chain, Clinical Leadership, C-Suite, and Finance, and include orthopedics, neurology, surgery, cardiovascular, GI, psychiatry, robotics, population health, and many others. CAVA’s analytics are reviewed independently by leading US and international academic centers.

Our physicians and RNs work directly with our client hospitals’ clinical team to co-engage and drive evidence-based change, leading to significant clinical and financial improvements. Please contact CAVA today to learn much more!

Discover how CAVA’s innovative, hospital-trusted Cost-Effectiveness analytics can enable your facility to objectively quantify the apples-to-apples, total value of the most challenging medical-surgical devices, medications, and technologies used at your hospital or IDN.

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