The medical-surgical device industry is now facing unprecedented Cost-Effectiveness challenges. Increasingly, device companies must demonstrate the objective, combined economic and clinical value of their technology vs. key comparators in order to be considered for purchase by hospital decision makers. Failure to do so—from a comprehensive, total episode-of-care perspective—can mean lost contracts, sales and market share. These market challenges are entirely new to the device industry, which has never before been required to prove the Cost-Effectiveness of their products. Product innovation and physician preference are no longer the key market pull-through drivers. The fact is, for the medical-surgical device industry, CCE is rapidly emerging as the new gold standard.

CAVA’s customized online Cost-Effectiveness models and data analysis programs deliver an extraordinary solution to our medical-surgical device and pharmaceutical industry clients that often mean millions of dollars to their bottom line.

The days of innovation combined with surgeon preference as the key drivers of a medical or surgical devices success are over. Industry must now be able to demonstrate the total value proposition—the Cost-Effectiveness—of its key products vs. its competitors, or risk facility purchasers and economic buyers turning them away. Today, for the first time, the medical-surgical industry must proactively demonstrate the comparative value of its devices and technology in an easy-to-use, fully transparent, and independent manner using Cost-Effectiveness analytics and predictive modelingLearn more now.

Discover how CAVA’s innovative, hospital-trusted Cost-Effectiveness analytics can enable your company to objectively demonstrate the value proposition of your company’s products and brands to hospital purchasers and decision makers.

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